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Hi Marisa! I wanted to let you know how great I feel from this journey. It has changed my lifestyle. I honestly thought I was eating good in the past, but incorporating all the superfoods in the smoothie, adding the probiotic, taking away dairy and lastly taking away coffee has made a significant difference. My energy level, my skin, and my overall feeling of wellness! Than you beyond for sharing all of your knowledge. This has become a way of life. Having the best days ever! – Nicole Frisman

I had an accident last summer while exercising, and had to have surgery on my right foot. Which meant I was immobile for 3 months!  It was a killer!  I was feeling bloated, had no energy, and I wasn’t able to lose any weight. I was just not feeling good.

I knew I needed to shake things up, and a friend of mine told me about Marisa.

So my journey began, it was a little overwhelming at first, because you are learning a lot, the shopping, incorporating it into your life.  I started to slowly feel better, and Marisa was always there to encourage, listen and offer new ideas.

We are still working on things, the holidays, and some travel have slowed me down, but Marisa also gives you lots of ideas on how to travel, and try to stay focused.  As she says it is a learning curve, and takes time.  But it is worth the time, you learn a lot about foods, and your body!

Marisa is a very knowledgeable person in this field, with also lots of great recipes!  She is always there for you, anytime via phone, emails, text messaging you can reach out. -Rosemary Silberstein

The beautiful part is how you’ve taken all that you’ve learned and shared it with everyone else. Just in the last year that I’ve known you, you have made a huge impact on what I eat/drink. I’m not sure you are aware of how much you have influenced my life. Thank you for being you and for touching my life. I’m lucky to know you!! xoxox
— Ariana Ahmadzadeh

Since following Marisa Silverman‘s plan, my skin is brighter, clearer, softer and my facial lines disappeared! I have tons more energy to boot! Another miraculous discovery, spider-veins lightened then disappeared! At 45, I have never felt or looked better in my life. I can’t thank you enough! -Wendy Schatzberg

I was living a healthy lifestyle when I met Marisa. However, Marisa took me to the next level. She created a healthy eating plan that took into account my food allergies and digestive issues. I love all of the food choices and combinations she has created for me. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet. Thank you Marisa!
— Lisa Marton

I did a 30-day cleanse under Marisa’s guidance, and my main objective was to simply feel better. I’ve had food and stress-related digestion issues for years and finally got fed up with the pain, bloat and lack of energy. As promised, I felt better in just a couple of days after beginning the cleanse. But the real surprise for me was the dramatic change in my overall mood. I had heard for years about the link between gut health and depression but didn’t fully understand it. Now I was feeling it! When I eat the right foods my outlook is far more positive, my thoughts are sharper and clearer and my energy level is much higher. The difference is amazing. Thank you Marisa! -Grace Delanoy

I had great results training with Marisa with a less than 100% commitment on my part of 30 minutes a day 2 to 3 days a week. Just think if I went at it full force! - Michael Marco

Several months ago I was beaten down. I was sick like a dog and drank like a fish. The scale almost tipped 200 pounds. As a runner in college that pained and frightened me! When the pain is great enough change happens. My life changed the day I stopped getting in my own way. I began to work and fight hard for a new way of life. It is not easy but clean eating and exercise yield results! No special anything will amount to the hard work it takes to make lifestyle changes. However, the benefits are well worth it. I no longer hate, resent, or destroy myself. Negativity that centered in my mind-gone. Thank you Marisa for guiding, helping, and most importantly supporting me through transitions! I learned how to not only eat healthy but how I can support my well-being through lifestyle! I am so happy, Thank You!! -Stephanie Loewenstern

Loving my lifestyle change already! Thanks for inspiring me to start this challenge! I love it!
— Brianna Campbell